BalanceTRAK > Manage and Track Sources


  • Track and Complete Information for Sources
    • Complete Third-Party Menus for Integrated Sources/Post Ad
    • Post to Manual and Social Media Sources
    • Add, Edit, or Delete a Source
  • Checklist: Actions Required to Post a Job On-line
  • Monitor Social Media Site Effectiveness

Manage Sources for an Existing Requisition

By accessing the Sources tab in a current Requisition:

  • Settings for Integrated Sources can be finalized prior to posting the job.
  • The job opening can be pushed to Manual Sources and Social Media sites.
  • Information for each recruiting Source can be tracked.

Sources will be displayed in the same two tables shown in the Add New Requisition wizard:

  • Manual Sources
  • Integrated Sources

A section will also display for: Social (Media sites). Tools for working with these menus are outlined below.

Track and Complete Information for Sources

Once one or more Sources have been added to the Manual Sources table or the Integrated Sources table, the table view will remain expanded. Navigate to the following columns to review key tracking information:

  • Cost — (Optionally, Edit the entry, and update the current Cost, as necessary.)
  • Autopost (Some Integrated Sources) — For each Source displaying a Check mark in the Autopost column, the Job Posting was automatically posted, based on Requisition settings.
  • Link — Control + click on the Link icon to view the associated Web page.
  • Date Sent — This column confirms the date the job posting went live for each Source.
  • (Number of Job Seekers) — See which Sources are most effective by viewing the statistics in this column.
  • (Specific to paid job boards) — Expand the entry, and make additional selections as required by the job board, or take action to post the ad.

Complete Third-Party Menus for Integrated Sources/Post Ad

Expand the down arrow for the Integrated Source to show Source-specific settings for the external job board. (Menu options will vary by job board.) When the menu is complete, click the [Post Job] button.

Post to Manual and Social Media Sources

Because a link will be copied from the software and transferred to the external job board, begin by reviewing the job board's instructions for building/posting a job announcement. Then, return to balanceTRAK:

  1. Locate the Source on the Manual Sources table, and navigate to the Link column.
  2. (PC) Right-click and hold your mouse OR (Mac) Control-click on the Link icon, to display the Job Posting's balanceTRAK address. Copy the link, according to the provided menu.
  3. Return to the external site, and paste the link to the external Source, according to the job board's instructions.
  4. Once the job opening is posted, the page can be previewed (and connection, tested) by single-clicking on the Source's Link icon.

Choose the icon for one of the following sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Add, Edit, or Delete a Source

Although Sources are ideally finalized when the Requisition is created, they can be added, edited, or deleted in an existing one. Keep in mind there may be lag time involved for a live posting, as the external job board aggregates the change.

Cross-reference: Follow the same instructions as outlined at: Select Sources to Post Job.

Checklist: Actions Required to Post a Job On-line

The following actions must be in place for a job listing to appear on the branded Job Posting page:

  1. A Form must be associated with the Requisition and set to show on the Career page (PRESCREENER or APPLICATION).
  2. The Job Description must have content.
  3. The Requisition Category must be: Open.
  4. The Open Requisition must be "turned on" as: Accepting New Job Seekers and Posted Externally.
  5. The Posting Start Date must be reached.

These actions are described in more detail, by reviewing to the various Help instructions for building a Requisition. The software will also facilitate seamless posting to Integrated Sources. For a job listing to appear on a third-party job board:

  • A separate agreement or contract with the third-party may be required.
  • BalanceTRAK Requisition entries for City, State, and Zip Code (Details tab) are required for external job boards.
  • Any specific third-party menus must be completed on the Sources tab.

Monitor Social Media Site Effectiveness

Once the posting is live, check back on the Sources tab to review counts for job seekers coming in, by social media site. Numbers will be displayed in graphical form by site logo.