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(By Question Type)
  • Acknowledgement
  • Check Boxes
  • Date
  • Label
  • Long Text
  • Numeric
  • Option (Radio) Buttons
  • Skills
  • Table Driven
  • Text
  • Time Stamp
  • Yes/No
  • Signature

Below, Questions for Job Seekers are described by type.


An Acknowledgement Question is employed when a Job Seeker will confirm the reading or acceptance of a displayed policy or condition. In addition to acknowledging a statement you enter, the applicant can be asked to view an attachment.

Check Boxes

Check boxes are used to provide a list of answer choices to the Job Seeker. The Job Seeker may select one or more answers that apply.


In answer to the Question, the Job Seeker will:

  • Select a date from the provided calendar


  • Enter a date (using two-digit month, two-digit date, and four-digit year, separated by slashes)


A label can be used to insert instructions, section dividers, disclaimers, or other desired text within the APPLICATION.

Long Text

The Long Text option can be used for Job Seeker Answers that require between 50 and 2000 characters.


The Job Seeker must enter a numeric value when answering the question.

Option (Radio) Buttons

The Job Seeker will view a series of options that will answer the Question, from which the Job Seeker must select only one.


A table will allow the Job Seeker to answer a Question by making selections by column and row.

Table Driven

The Job Seeker must select an answer that has been included in an imported Reference table.


The Job Seeker must provide an answer with less than 50 characters.

Time Stamp

Typically for placement next to a Job Seeker's signature, the Time Stamp field will calculate the current date and time in the Form, finally ending with the date and time at which the Job Seeker clicked [Finish]. Accordingly, the Question content will most likely serve as a field tagline, or caption. Because this "answer" is a system field, the entry is not editable by the Job Seeker. This field may also be applicable to an HR Form, for internal use only.


The Job Seeker must select “Yes” or “No” as the answer to the question. The Question may be configured to ask for additional information, based on the Yes/No answer, including: Text, Date, or Long Text.

Example: A Question inquiring whether the applicant has a valid state driver’s license must be answered “Yes” or “No”.


The Job Seeker will sign the field with his or her mouse.