Schedule the Job Seeker Interview

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  • Schedule an Interview on the Calendar
  • Manage Interview Forms
    • View the Associated Forms
    • Upload an HR Form
      • Delete Uploaded Form
  • Participate in an Interview as an Attendee
    • About the Interview Invitation
    • Complete the BalanceTRAK HR / Interview Form (If applicable)

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Support the Job Seeker Interview, with a Calendar Event (and Interview Form)

The Job Seeker detail > Interview tab is divided into two sub-tabs that support the Interview process:

  1. The Calendar sub-tab facilitates the scheduling of Interviews, including selecting attendees and attaching Job Seeker materials (e.g., RESUME, INTERVIEW Form).
  2. The Forms sub-tab stores the blank and completed INTERVIEW Forms.

Begin by visiting the Calendar sub-tab.

Schedule an Interview on the Calendar

Microsoft integration (where installed): Login into the integration by clicking the Sign into 365 link, located below the sub-tab header. With this feature enabled, Outlook events will show in the balanceTRAK Calendar so you can pinpoint your availability.

Follow these steps to add an Interview to the Calendar:

  1. Using the Calendar's header buttons, select to view by: list, day, week (default), OR month.
  2. On the Calendar, click the desired date to highlight it.
  3. Choose the [Add Interview] button from the header toolbar to expand the Attendees menu, which will display to the left of the Calendar. (The Start Date field will be pre-populated with the previously highlighted date.)
  4. Search for Attendees, and add each one, as needed. (The included Attendees will display by name, and an Attendee can be deleted, if added by mistake.)
  5. Enter an Interview time, using the two provided drop-downs.
  6. Repeat the selection process for End Date. (The End Date will be pre-populated with the Start Date.)
  7. (Optional) Enter a Description (for use in the invitation email header) and Location in the provided text fields.
  8. Check off how to Notify Job Seeker, by: Email AND/OR Text.
  9. Check off the attachments to include, when sending the Interview notification to colleagues: RESUME, COVER LETTER, and/or HR FORM (e.g., Blank INTERVIEW Form).

Finally, choose the [Save] button to add the Interview to the Calendar and initiate the notification process, or click [Cancel] to close the menu without creating the Interview.

Manage Interview Forms

Because options for the Interview > Forms sub-tab display will be based on a scheduled Interview, this should be your third step, after scheduling a Calendar event and associating a Form with the Interview (as described above):

View the Associated Form(s)

Once an Interview is added to Calendar and a Form Template as been chosen, proceed to the Interview sub-tab. Make entries in the upper drop-downs to show the proper Form:

  • Select Interview
  • Select Attendee

Reminder: Because the Forms sub-tab will house all Forms associated with scheduled Interviews, make sure the proper Interview and Attendee are selected.

Upload an HR Form

BalanceTRAK can accept an uploaded document in Word or PDF, whether it is a blank Interview Form or Attendee instructions from an external source. A completed document, such as Interview notes, can also be uploaded for your Interview-related purpose.

After accessing Job Seeker detail > Interview > Forms, Select Interview and Select Attendee to associate the upload with the appropriate event and colleague, respectively.

Then, choose the Upload HR Form icon from the upper toolbar. Follow your computers prompts to add the document to the active Interview > Forms window.

Delete Uploaded Form
— With the uploaded Form displayed, simply choose the Remove icon from the upper toolbar.

Quick Tip: Only one uploaded Form per Attendee can be stored in the system. Therefore, before uploading a new Form, delete the existing one. For example, replace a Word document, containing Interview questions, with the completed document, containing the addition of Interview notes.

Participate in the Interview as an Attendee

About the Interview Invitation

Interview Attendees will receive a notification email, labeled with the Interview Description. In addition to identifying the Job Seeker's name, the message will include:

  • A link for the recipient to access balanceTRAK
  • An attached Calendar file to import into their personal Calendars
  • An attached PDF of the Interview Form, if one is in place

Complete the BalanceTRAK HR / Interview Form (If applicable)

The Interview Attendee has two main options for documenting his or her evaluation of the Job Seeker:

  • (If applicable) Edit the HR INTERVIEW Form in balanceTRAK and save it
  • Upload a PDF document, containing written or typed notes (following the instructions above at: Upload an HR Form)

To complete the system's Form:

  1. Return to: [Job Seeker Name] > Interview > Forms.
  2. Click the Edit HR Form icon.
  3. Fill in the displayed Fields.
  4. Click [Save].

The Attendee may return later to further update the system's INTERVIEW Form, after making selections in the upper toolbar drop-downs.