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  • Overview of the Questions Library
  • Add a Question to the Library
    • Review and Complete Basic Information
    • Include an Image (Optional)
    • Show Question for HR-use only (Optional)
    • Determine Options for Answers
    • Determine Permissions by Question
    • Preview the Question
  • Work with Existing Questions
    • View Requisition(s) having the Question in Use
    • Sort the Questions
    • Edit a Question
    • Delete a Question

Manage the Library of Questions for use in Forms

Note: The functions described below are typically displayed or activated for users with Administrative-level permissions. To inquire about the functions available to you, please contact your balanceTRAK Administrator or Berkshire’s Product Support, as appropriate for your role and organization.

Overview of the Question Library

A library of Questions is stored in balanceTRAK under Settings. These Questions serve as the building blocks for: Settings > Form Templates. Some default Questions will come with your organization's Implementation. However, the balanceTRAK Administrator can create additional Questions or edit aspects of existing ones. The Date Created column will indicate when the Question was developed or last updated.

On the Questions list, the following columns help describe the Question for administration and Search purposes:

  • Description
  • Question Text
  • Question Type

The following columns will identify the Question and its attributes by means of a Check mark:

  • Completed— Indicates a Question has been developed and is currently available for use in Forms
  • In Use— Indicates the Question is currently In Use as part of a Form
  • HR-use Only — The Question will not display to Job Seekers.

Five-step Outline for Creating a Question

In addition to this article, please review Learn About Question Types and Determine Options for Answers, the articles linked above. The steps necessary to develop a Question are to:

  1. Add a Question, including determining: Type of Question.
  2. Complete the Edit Question screen.
  3. Determine (answer) Options, which are specific to the Type of Question.
  4. Assign Permissions.
  5. Preview the Question (and its answer fields or options).

Add a Question to the Library

Begin by clicking [Add]. Enter the Question description, select the Type of Question, and click [Save].

Review and Complete Basic Information

Enter the Question's content into the Basic Information menu, including appropriate punctuation. The entries for Question Description and Type of Question made previously will be retained. (Required fields are marked with an asterisk.)

Quick Tip: Once Type of Question is selected, it cannot be undone for the Question. However, if you have chosen and saved the type incorrectly, you may [Add] a new Question, and delete the incorrect one.

Using the provided check boxes: Select the form types that this question can appear on. The default setting is to make the Question available for all Form types. Depending on the Implementation, the list may include:

  • Prescreener
  • Assessment
  • Application
  • Self-ID
  • Background Check
  • HR-use Only

Then, respond to the following prompts by clicking Yes or No:

  • When copying a job seeker, include the answer to this question.
  • When exporting a job seeker, allow the answer to this question to be included.

Include an Image (Optional)

Display an image with the question by clicking Yes, for the prompt: Include an image with the question.

If so, select a position from the provided drop-down to place the image to the top, middle, or bottom, as well as to the left, center, or right. Click [Browse], and locate the image file on your computer or network. Then choose [Upload] to complete the process. The image will display under the label: Current Image. To see how the image will appear, follow the instructions below.

Note: The following image file types are accepted:

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TIFF

To delete the image, return to the prompt for: Include and image with the Question; and select: No.

Show Question for Internal HR-use only (Optional)

If display and completion of the Question will be limited to HR personnel, check the box for: Make this question viewable ONLY internally.

Cross-reference: This setting acts in concert with user profile settings. Administrators, please see: System Tools > Profile Management .

Select (Answer) Options

For the next step, see: Determine Options for Answers.

Note: You may [Save] the Question at any point, and return later.

Determine Permissions by Question

On the Permissions menu, select the appropriate rights for each Profile Name:

  • No Access
  • Read Only
  • OR

  • Read Write

Cross-reference: If you are an Administrator and want to learn about how Profiles were developed, see: System Tools > Profile Management > Data Profiles.

Preview the Question

To get an advance look at the Question (and its answer options), scroll down to the Edit Question / Preview menu. If changes are made, click Refresh to see an updated Preview.

Work with Existing Questions

View Requisition(s) having the Question in Use

Hover your cursor over the Check mark in the In Use column to open a pop-up caption, displaying one or more Requisition numbers. For each Requisition shown, the Question is currently In Use on a Form. 

Sort the Questions

It may be beneficial to view Questions, sorted by such things as Question Text or Type. Click the column header title to perform a sort in ascending order, and click again for descending order. Click a third time to return to the default sort.

Edit a Question

Caution: Before making changes to an In Use Question, consider how an updated Form will impact active Requisitions.

From the Questions list, edit an existing Question by clicking the appropriate [Edit] icon. If the question is currently In Use, the Question type cannot be changed. Any changes to Questions that are In Use will only be reflected in the blank Form going forward; Forms already completed by Job Seekers will not be effected.

Delete a Question

Remove Questions by selecting the corresponding check box; then click [Delete Selected]. Questions that are In Use cannot be deleted.