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  • How Client Settings Support the BalanceTRAK Experience
  • Administrators: Get Additional Assistance for Client Settings


How Client Settings support the BalanceTRAK Experience

Although Client Settings, as determined during the initial Implementation, may not be visible you, these settings operate behind the scenes to control system and database functions in critical ways. Accordingly, these settings are locked during Implementation to ensure proper system operation. Client Settings are involved in the following software operations, and more:

  • Displaying content and activating features on the Job Posting Page
  • Turning on and managing Integrations^ with job boards, Background Check providers, and Onboarding services
  • Controlling the operation of Requisitions
    • Setting up a Requisition numbering system
    • Showing or hiding Requisition task areas
    • Determining Fields and their characteristics, including Field groups
    • When an Approval Process is not in place, moving new Requisitions into either Pending or Open
    • Locking Form questions to read-only (after a Requisition is approved or once a Job Seeker applies)
    • Allowing users to send Job Seeker information (and Forms) to others
  • Controlling how Forms are displayed to Job Seekers
    • Allowing international formats for telephone and postal information
  • Controlling how Job Seekers are displayed to software users
    • Securing the display of a Job Seeker's personal information
    • Managing the progression of Job Seeker Stages
    • Managing Administrator tools, including settings for handling duplicate records
  • Managing system Notifications#
    • Allowing users to receive Forms as part of a relevant notification
    • For a Requisition undergoing an Approval Process, determining how much time should pass before an outstanding approval triggers an alert icon
  • Determining defaults for user displays, settings, and time zone
    • Controlling user access

Administrators: Get Additional Assistance for Client Settings

If you have any questions about your current configuration or would like Berkshire to update settings or integrations, please contact us at

Or you may submit an on-line Product Support Request while logged into the software. Simply click the Help button in the page header, and select Support.

^balanceTRAK currently integrates with the following job boards:

  • Indeed
  • ZipRecruiter
    • Free standard posts
    • 30 day TrafficBoost option available $299 through Sources tab.
  • National Labor Exchange (NLx) via DirectEmployers (DE)
  • Glassdoor via Indeed
  • Google Jobs (free)
  • Local Job Network
  • Monster
  • Upward
  • CareerJet

#Options for Automatic System Notifications
While each user can determine how to receive system notifications under User Profile Settings , Client Settings control what initial, or default, settings are in place. The default options for sending notifications about system activities are to —

Notify users when:

  • A requisition is closing. Sent at 7:00 AM Eastern Time.
  • Someone applies for a job. If this option is selected, a further selection can be made to receive this type of notification:
    • On the day they apply at 10:00 PM Eastern Time
    • OR

    • Immediately after they apply
  • Someone completes a background check form.
  • Notify me during each step of an approval process when I am a participating user.