BalanceTRAK Overview and Navigation

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  • Introduction to BalanceTRAK
  • Software Implementation
    • About Permissions to Access Screens and Functions
  • Modules
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Introduction to BalanceTRAK

From getting your job announcement in front of potential Job Seekers to ultimately finding the most-qualified candidate, balanceTRAK supports your company's recruit-and-hire process. As a software user engaged in these efforts, you may belong to one of the following audiences:

  • Human Resource (HR) professionals who manage or coordinate recruiting and/or hiring
  • Hiring managers or other collaborators who participate in, or make decisions about, hiring
  • Data specialists who develop compliance or voluntary reporting on HR activities

Software Implementation

Prior to the software going live, a customized workflow has been established in balanceTRAK, based on a collaboration between your organization and Berkshire's Product Support team. Your organization's workflow, or Implementation, will include organization-specific components, such as job posting templates, approval processes, recruiting sources, and applicant forms.

Going forward, your organization will have a designated client-side Administrator, who will maintain and update the system, including managing permissions for users at your organization to access screens and functions.

About Permissions to Access Screens and Functions

As introduced above, the process to post job announcements, screen candidates, and make hiring decisions is often a joint effort, involving a group of colleagues, each with a different role to play. Therefore, each user will each have a different level of authorization to view screens, perform functions, and make entries in balanceTRAK. For some software clients, the software will also be in use across multiple hiring sites, requiring information to be protected by location. Accordingly, your access to the software will conform to these process and security needs.

If you have questions about the screens and functions available to you, please contact your organization's client-side Administrator.


In organizing both job openings and applicant information, the software relies on two modules, accordingly:

  • Requisitions (Job openings, or postings)
  • Job Seekers (Applicants, or job candidates)

In support of the above task areas, Reports can be run to track statistics.

If you are an Administrator, Settings and System Tools allow you to review or update components in the balanceTRAK workflow.

Side Navigation Menu

Available from the left side on every page, an expandable/collapsible side navigation menu offers easy access to the balanceTRAK task areas, which are introduced in this article, above.

Navigate between Applications

If other balanceWORKS applications are installed (such as REACH, the Good Faith Efforts recruiting activities tracker), choose the appropriate icon from the left side of software header to access the other application.