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  • Show Additional Information
  • Edit an Existing Activity
  • Filter the Activities List
  • View History

Use Activities List Tools

Once created, the REACH > Activities list will display by:

  • Activity Type
  • Source
  • Activity Date
  • (Evaluation) Score
  • Target Categories
  • Locations

Show Additional Information

By clicking Expand, you can view: Recruiter, Activity Contact Information, Job Families, Notes, and Documentation.

Edit an Existing Activity

Click the Edit icon for the desired Activity record to update: Activity Type, Source (Name), Activity Date, Target Categories, and/or Locations. A simple Score may be entered or edited, by clicking the provided stars, and rating the Activity from one-half to five stars.

When finished, click Save.

Filter the Activities List

By Location — Click the Filter icon in the Location column header to open the menu to: Filter By. Check off one or more Locations. Click [Save] to view the results.

By Activity Date — Click the Filter icon in the Activity Date column header to open the menu to: Filter By. Type in the two-digit month, two-digit date, and four-digit year for: Start Date and End Date. Click [Save].

To restore the full Activities list, choose the [Clear Filter] button from the upper toolbar.

View History

Click the View History icon to the left of an Activities record to display a table, displaying the following actions taken by users, related to the record:

  • Log Date
  • Email (of user)
  • Activity (e.g., Add, Import)
  • Comments (i.e., description)

Click [Return to Previous Page] to display the Activities list.