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Berkshire Help


Overview of HELP

Help is available from the page header in all balanceWORKS software products. Three types of Help are available:

  • Documentation (Help and User Guides)
  • From any Help page, a Search field is available in the upper right. Search results will include tags that can be clicked for more information on related topics. To display the Table of Contents, click the link on the upper left header area; here the Help topics are organized by software module, and additional information is also available. The Library link, located in the header, provides access to User Guides.

  • On Screen Help (screen captions)
  • Video Tutorials (where available by module). The full list of Video Tutorials is also accessible from the Help header.
  • Request Support by sending a message to Berkshire

Universal Software Header Bar

A standard page header, common across the software family, appears at the top of the screen.

Left (If applicable) On the left side of the header

  • Clickbar, aaccess softwareto logoother balanceWORKS applications is available by selecting the circular icon tofor switchthe applications

RightUsing side of the header

  • Click the displayed user name to:
    • View Profile (Contact Information, Settings, and Password)
    • Logout

With iconslinks on the right side of thethis headerbar, you can:

[Your  user Returnname] toSet theAccount options

  • Logout of balanceWORKS software application's Home page (where applicable)

  Access System Tools for each software application (authorized(if Administratorspermission only;has been granted; refer to Table of Contents, linked in the header on every Help page)

  Open Help (or click one of the logos above); request Support by sending a message to Berkshire; and view Berkshire contact information

  View the Notification Centerabove)

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