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Develop the Full and Short Job Description

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  • Choose a Method for Developing the Job Description
    • WhatShould is thea Short Job Description usedbe for?Developed?
  • Use an Existing Job Description
  • Create the Long Job Description by Section
  • Revert Job Description to Job Code Default
  • Import a Job Description for the Requisition (and Job Code)
    • Import Text for the Job Description
    • Export Text from the balanceTRAK Job Descriptioin


Display the Job's Duties and Requirements to Potential Job Seekers

As the second step in the Add New Requisition process, the Job Description screen is accessible from the side navigation menu, displaying two tabs:

  • Long Description (Required to post a job opening on line)
  • Short Description

The article below describes how to use or modify an existing Job Description, or develop a new one, while creating a new Requisition.

Choose a Method for Developing the Job Description

At the "macro" level, balanceTRAK supports Job Description development with capabilities for organizations to maintain a library of default Job Descriptions for use across multiple Requisition creators. At the same time, the individual Requisition creator has flexibility to develop a unique Job Description for a particular job opening.

Accordingly, the instructions below are organized around these two main methods:

  • For those with Requisition Templates or default Job Descriptions in place, go to: Use an Existing Job Description.

  • To enter or paste the Job Description, jump to: Create the Long Job Description by Section.

Should the Short Job Description be Developed?

The second consideration is whether your Job Posting page would benefit from displaying the Short Job Description to Job Seekers, as a prompt before they click the [Apply Now] button.

What is the Short Job Description used for?

When creating your organization's Job Posting page, there are two choices for layout — Standard and Grid. If Grid is chosen the Job Posting table will show "teaser blurbs" for each job listing.

Create the Long Job Description by Section

Click the [Edit] icon, located in the Job Description menu header. Then, from the Edit Job Description menu, click the [Expand] icon in the Description/Job Summary header. Choose a Section from those provided in the drop-down menu (e.g., Required Skills, Responsibilities).

For each Section, enter the appropriate text in the text editor, and format the text, using the available word processing tools. Options for saving the Job Description Sections are detailed next.

Click the [Preview] button in the Job Description footer to view the Job Description as it will appear to the Job Seeker.

Import a Job Description for the Requisition (and Job Code)

Select the [Edit the Job Description] button to open the editor. Then select the [Import] button from the menu footer in any Job Description section. This will direct you to the wizard for importing a default Job Description for the Job Code.

  1. Browse and locate the document on your computer. Then click the [Next] button.
  2. The Identify Section Headers menu displays. By default, the drop-downs will display every paragraph identified in the document.

    • Navigate to the bottom of the page for [Apply Filter] tools, which can be used to reduce the list of data recognized for import. Here, identify how section headers in the document are formatted, either bold, italicized, or by font size (value).

  3. Return to the top of the page. From the Identify Section Headers menu, check the box for each of the default Sections to include. Then choose matches from the incoming file for each one from the corresponding Section Header and Next Section Header drop-downs.

    • Click [Next].

    Note: The system identifies the beginning and end of each Section, using these selections. The end of the one Section is typically, but not always, the beginning of the next. Beginning of Document and the End of Document tags are also available.

  4. A menu displays, with options to: Overwrite Existing Job Descriptions.

    Select one of the following options for saving the imported Job Description to:

    • This requisition and the default job description
    • This requisition only
    • This requisition, the default job description and all open or pending requisitions that use this job code

    Click the [Import] button.

  5. The Review Requisition detail displays, with the imported Job Description.

Cross-reference: An Administrator may import multiple default Job Descriptions. See: Special Tools by Reference Table / Import Job Descriptions.

When the Job Description is complete, proceed to Approval Process, which is the [Next Step].