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Berkshire Help


Overview of HELP

Help is available from the page header in all balanceWORKS software products. Three types of Help are available:

  • Documentation (Help and User Guides)
  • From any Help page, a Search field is available in the upper right. Search results will include tags that can be clicked for more information on related topics. To display the { Table of Contents, click the link on the upper left header area; here the Help topics are organized by software module, and additional information is also available. The Library link, located in the header, provides access to User Guides.

  • On Screen Help (screen captions)
  • Video Tutorials (where available by module). The full list of Video Tutorials is also accessible from the Help header.

Universal Software Header Bar

A standard page header, common across the software family, appears at the top of the screen.

Left side of the header

  • Click a software logo icon to switch applications

Right side of the header

  • Click the displayed user name to:
    • View Profile (Contact Information, Settings, and Password)
    • Logout

With icons on the right side of the header you can:

  Return to the software application's Home page (where applicable)

  Access System Tools for each software application (authorized Administrators only; refer to Table of Contents, linked in the header on every Help page)

  Open Help (or click one of the logos above); request Support by sending a message to Berkshire; and view Berkshire contact information

  View the Notification Center

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