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Approve a Requisition


  • Participate in Approvals for a Requisition or a Job Seeker
    • Receive Notification of needed Requisition Approval
      • Approve a Requisition
    • Receive Notification of a needed Job Seeker Approval
      • Approve a Job Seeker
  • Review Approval Status

Participate in the Approval Process as a Reviewer

When a Requisition is created (or a Job Seeker has successfully passed required screening), the process owner can designate one or more approvers to accept or reject the Requisition (or the Job Seeker). Upon acceptance:

  • A Requisition can be moved from Pending to the Open Category and posted. (A Requisition with automatic Workflow settings to do so isis: putPut in the Open Category; set to Accepting New Job Seekers; and Posted Internally and/or Externally.)
  • The Job Seeker can be sent an Offer Letter.

If either is rejected, an Approval Process can be resubmitted by the process owner.

Receive Notification of needed Approval

As an approver, the user will receive an email notification, containing links for the following three approval responses:

  • I want to log in and view the requisition.
  • I want to approve this requisition without logging in.
  • I want to not approve this requisition without logging in.


AThe messagePending Approvals, a notification object on anthe approver’s Dashboard, will indicate:indicate Requisitionsa NeedingRequisition Approval.requires approval.

Approve a Requisition

The approver can directly access the Approvals tab in the Requisition detail.

a Comment field and the following buttons to:

  • Approve — Sends an email message to the submitter by email and moves the process on to the next Selected Approver.

After the last approver has approved the Requisition, balanceTRAK may automatically change the Requisition Status to reflect the approval. Typically, the next Status is: Accepting Applications.

  • Not Approve — Sends an email message to the submitter and other Selected Approvers by email and:

A message in the Approval Process menu will state: The Requisition has NOT been approved. After making changes to the Requisition (based on Comments received), the submitter can click [Resubmit] to restart the Approval Process.