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Approve a Requisition


  • Approval Notifications
    • Approve (or Decline Approval for) a Requisition
    • Approve (or Decline Approval for) a Job Seeker
  • Review Approval Status

Participate in the Approval Process as an Approver

As a hiring manager or other decisionmaker, you may be responsible for approving (or declining approval) forreviewing a Requisition or a Job Seeker byand participating in a balanceTRAKan Approval Process. balanceTRAK supports this process by sending notifications and displaying guided menus. Comments can even be added to document the reason(s) for approval or non-approval.


For a Requisition

Prior to approval, a Requisition is in the Pending Category. After approval, which may involve one or more decisionmakers, allows athe Requisition to move forward in the following manner:

  • The Requisition can be moved from Pendingadvances to the Open Category and be posted.

    (ANote:: A Requisition with full automatic Workflow settings will be: Put in the Open Category; set to Accepting New Job Seekers; and Posted Internally and/or Externally.)


For a Job Seeker

If the Approval Process involves an applicant:

  • The Job Seeker can be sent an Offer Letter.

If either is rejected, anthe Approval Process can be resubmitted by the original submitter.

Approval Notifications

As a participating approver, the user will receive:

  • An email notification, containing links for the following three approval responses:
    • I want to log in and view the requisition [job seeker].
    • I want to approve this requisition [job seeker] without logging in.
    • I want to decline this requisition [job seeker] without logging in.


  • A notification in the Pending Approvals tile on the approver’s Home page Dashboard will indicate a Requisition Number (or a Job Seeker Name ) requires approval.

Approve (or Decline Approval for) a Requisition

  • Express Approval from the email message Select the appropriate link from the three provided

  • Use the Requisition detail From the provided link in the email message you received or the Dashboard's Pending Approvals tile, directly access the Approvals tab. A flow diagram, representing the designated Approval Process, will display at the bottom of the tab, listing each approver and Approval outcome. Input one of the following decisions, and include: (optional) Comments.
    • Approve — Sends an email message to the submitter by email and moves the process on to the next Selected Approver. After final approval, the tab will indicate a date-stamped status line: The Requisition has been approved.
    • Decline — Sends an email message to the submitter and other Selected Approvers by email and:

A status line on the Approvals tab will state: The Requisition has NOT been approved. After making changes to the Requisition (based on Comments received), the submitter can click [Resubmit] to restart the Approval Process.

Approve or Reject a Job Seeker