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Actions Required to Post a Job Opening On-line
Add a Requisition
BALANCE<em>trak</em> > Reports > Select Reports
BALANCE<em>trak</em> Table of Contents
BALANCEtrak (User) Account Settings
BALANCEtrak > Administrative Settings > Approval Processes
BALANCEtrak > Administrative Settings > Design/Edit a Form Template
BALANCEtrak > Administrative Settings > Email Templates
BALANCEtrak > Administrative Settings > Form Templates
BALANCEtrak > Administrative Settings > Learn About Question Types
BALANCEtrak > Administrative Settings > Questions (Library)
BALANCEtrak > Administrative Settings > Reference Tables
BALANCEtrak > Administrative Settings > Scoring Schemes
BALANCEtrak > Administrative Settings > Special Tools by Reference Table
BALANCEtrak > Administrative Settings: Archive Settings
BALANCEtrak > Administrative Tools for Approval Processes
BALANCEtrak > Dashboard Objects
BALANCEtrak > Home Page and Tools
BALANCEtrak > Questions > Determine Options for Answers
BALANCEtrak > Reports > Export Settings
BALANCEtrak > Reports > Filter (Optional)
BALANCEtrak > Reports > Report Settings (Optional)
BALANCEtrak > System Tools > Client Settings
BALANCEtrak > System Tools > Client Settings > Requisitions
BALANCEtrak > System Tools > Client Settings > User Access Tools
BALANCEtrak > System Tools > Client Usage Report
BALANCEtrak > System Tools > Email Settings
BALANCEtrak > System Tools > Profile Management
BALANCEtrak > System Tools > User Management
BALANCEtrak Overview and Navigation
BALANCEworks Account Settings
Build the Requisition
Export Job Seekers
Export Requisitions
HELP Library
Indeed Apply Process
Job Seekers List Tools
Job Seekers List: Customize and Save Views
Learn about BALANCEtrak Form Types
Other Review Requisition Detail Tools
Perform Job Seeker-related Actions
Requisition Information Menu, Toolbar, and Status
Requisition List Tools
Requisitions List: Customize and Save Views
Resolve Duplicate Job Seekers (Administrators only)
Review Job Seekers who have Applied
Send Email from the Job Seekers List
Start (or Participate in) the Approval Process
Use the Review Job Seeker Detail