BalanceAAP > System Tools > Default User Fields


  • Add a Default User Field
  • Edit the Custom User Field Name
  • Delete the Custom User Field


Create a Custom Default Field for Reference or Data Tables

An Administrator may access balanceAAP > System Tools > General / Default User Fields. A total of five custom User Fields may be added to Data Tables or Reference Tables, including system defaults and fields added for a particular plan.

Important Note: Default User Fields will only apply to new plans, created after the field was added to the system.

Add a Default User Field

From the Table drop-down, select the Data table to which the field will be added, and click [Add]. Enter a name for the field, and click [Save]. This field will now appear as a column in the selected table for each plan under your organization's account.

Edit the Custom User Field Name

After selecting the table from the upper drop-down, click the Field Name entry. Update the Field Name, and click [Save].

Delete the Custom User Field

Select the field, and click [Delete].

Important Caution: Deleting an existing user field will delete all current data entries in the field.