BalanceAAP > System Tools > Assign Profile and Grant Plan Access



  • Check the balanceAAP Users list
    • View User Log
  • Assign a balanceAAP Plan to the User and Grant Access
  • View Plan Access Log

For a step-by-step guide, refer to:

Assign Profile and Grant Plan Access

From the balanceAAP page header, an Administrator may enter System Tools > Security / User Management. The balanceAAP tab is comprised of two sub-tabs:

  • Users
  • Plan Access

Check the BALANCEaap Users list

First, on the User Management / Users sub-tab, verify that any new users, added to balanceWORKS, are displayed.

Quick Tip: If you are unsure whether a person is a current BALANCEworks user, enter part of the name into the Search field, and click Search.

For the particular user, review the entry in the AAP Permission column, which will be set to the default (as selected under Security / Profile Management). To change the setting, click the provided AAP Permission entry to open the Assign Permission menu. From the Permission drop-down, select a different Profile. Click [Update].

View User Log

Click the Report icon, adjacent to the user's record. Select Report Options for Start Date and End Date, and click [Run Report]. The report will display in a new window. Entries, documenting changes made to the user's AAP Permission, will be organized by the user's First Name and Last Name. Reach log item will indicate Date and Action, as well as identify the Administrator who made the change.

Remain on the balanceAAP tab, but proceed to the sub-tab for Plan Access, and follow the instructions below.

Assign a balanceAAP Plan to the User and Grant Access

From the User Management > balanceAAP tab, select the Plan Access sub-tab. Select to view the Plan Access sub-tab: By User. Select the user (by Email Address) from the provided drop-down.

The available AAPs will display by Company, Establishment, and Plan Name. The default Profile will display as: No Access. To change the setting, click the No Access link. Select an access level for the user from the drop-down:

  • Read Only — The user may view plan information, but cannot make any changes.
  • Read Write — The user will have full access to view and edit the plan.
  • Reports Only — The user’s permission will be limited to viewing plan reports.

Using the provided check boxes, grant:

  • Salary Access (optional)
  • Plan Access (required)

Click [Save]. The Plan Access Users list will reflect that the above access was granted.

View Plan Access Log

Click the [View Plan Access Log] button, located above the Plan Access User list. Then, select Report Options for Start Date and End Date. Click [Run Report]. In recording changes made to Profiles, the Plan Access Log will indicate Date, User Name, User Email, and Profile for each occurrence.