BalanceAAP > System Tools > Report Groups


  • Edit a Report Group Name
  • Change the Report Group Order
  • Revert to Default


Customize the Select Reports Display

With System Tools > General / Report Group settings, an Administrator can customize the Select Reports page by topic and order (for all plans under the software account).

The Select Reports list will be initially organized by default Report Groups.

Edit a Report Group Name

Click the [Edit] button to the left of the Report Group Name. Update the Report Group Name, and click [Save].

Change the Report Group Order

Reports are organized by Report Name in the order as they will appear in the software. Highlight a Report Name you wish to move. Use the [Up/Down arrows] to move the record to a new location. Click the [Save] button, which is located at the bottom of the page.

Revert to Default

At any time, the default Report Groups may be restored, by choosing {Revert to Default] from the upper toolbar.