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  • About User-defined Personnel Actions
  • Create a Custom UPA
  • Activate a Standard or Custom UPA
    • Deactivate the UPA
  • About Importing Associated Data
  • Delete an Existing UPA
  • Master Plan UPAs

Define Unique Personnel Action Tables

About User-defined Personnel Actions

User-Defined Personnel Actions (UPAs) can be defined (and activated) as the basis for running ADVERSE IMPACT reporting on atypical events, such as employee demotion, training, or reinstatement. Some standard UPAs will come preloaded in the system. When in place, the UPA will be represented by a unique Data table.

Create a Custom UPA

Access Data > Advanced. Then choose User Defined Personnel Actions from the Data home page.

Click [Add] from the upper toolbar, and a pop-up window will appear with the following options:

  • Personnel Action Name – Enter the name of the action, taking into consideration how the resulting label will appear on resulting Reports.
  • Number of Positions Involved – Select 1 OR 2, as appropriate.
  • Action Type – Select Positive (e.g., reinstatement after lay off) OR Negative (e.g., demotion), so that Adverse Impact can be accurately calculated.

Click [Save] to add the action to the UPA list.

Activate a Standard or Custom UPA

Important Note: For best system operation, activate the UPA prior to Data > Import.

While the UPA list makes actions available for all plans created under your organization's account, the UPA must be activated.

To activate the UPA for a plan, locate the In Use column for an existing action. Then, click the No entry, changing it to Yes.

Deactivate the UPA

Change the In Use entry from Yes to No, which will:

  • Deactivate the UPA for the current plan
  • Delete associated data from the current plan
  • Retain the UPA for use in other plans

About Importing Associated Data

A Data table for the UPA will appear in the Table menu for selection during Data > Import. Once imported, the table will appear in balanceAAP menus where Data Tables can be selected.

Delete an Existing UPA

Select the UPA, and click [Delete]. The UPA will be deleted for all plans under the organization's account, and the associated data will also be deleted.

Important Caution: Use the deactivation and deletion tools carefully.

Master Plan UPAs

The Master Plan controls the UPAs for all sub plans.