History Source


  • What is the History Source used for?
  • Confirm the History Source or Choose a Different Method
    • With Prior balanceAAP Plan
    • Without Prior BALANCEaap Plan
    • — Perform Start Point Analysis

      — Enter History Data by Manual Input

  • Include New Hires in History Source Data (Optional)
  • (Master and) Sub Plan History Source
  • History Source for an Update Plan

Establish the History Source for Plan Calculations

What is the History Source used for?

The current AAP will rely on historical data for developing workforce analyses, in particular, analyzing the progress your organization has made towards meeting hiring goals set in the previous Annual plan. Therefore, the History Source must be identified before the plan's calculations are run.

During the Create Plan stage, the system will have asked the question: "Do you have a prior year plan in BALANCEaap?"

For those who answering "Yes," the system will guide you to link the current and prior plans. If you answered "No," the system will provide options to enter or estimate history statistics.

After the plan is created, you can enter the History module to develop History Settings and review History Information.

Confirm the History Source or Choose a Different Method

On entry to History Source, the History Settings menu will display, The options for populating historical data are:

  • Manual Input
  • Start Point Analysis
  • Import from Existing Plan

Click [Apply] after reviewing or editing the displayed History Setting.

With Prior Year balanceAAP Plan

If under Create Plan, you selected a Prior Year Plan:

  • Confirm the Prior Year Plan as the History Source.
  • OR

  • Select a different prior year’s plan, using the provided drop-downs.

Without Prior balanceAAP Plan

If at plan creation you chose "I do not have a prior year plan in BALANCEaap", the History Settings tab will ask if you would like to create a Start Point Analysis. Select:

Yes —
The system will run Start Point Analysis, estimating the necessary statistics for the prior year, based on the current year's Roster data, personnel action data, and plan settings.

No —
The History Information menu will display:

  1. Select a Job Group from the drop-down.
  2. Enter a Total Number of Employees; then enter a Total (number of employees) and Availability (percentage) for each Report Group.
  3. As appropriate, check the box for: Goal.
  4. Click [Save] before proceeding to the next Job Group.

Note: You can change the existing History Source selection. However, in making this decision, keep in mind that history data are critical for performing AAP calculations.

Include New Hires in the History Data (Optional)

By default, New Hire records are excluded from the candidate pools when the system pulls History Source data. However, when working with the History Settings tab, you may enable Advanced Settings to: Include New Hires in History Pool data.

Cross-reference: The inclusion of New Hire data may be beneficial for ADVERSE IMPACT reporting, particularly for Terminations. For more information, see: Statistical Calculations and Adverse Impact.

If the box is checked, the menu will expand to request additional information:

  • The plan's date range (Start Date and End Date, with calendar tools)
  • Personnel actions ( Terminations, Promotions, and Transfers are checked by default.)

After the options are determined, click [Apply]. The History Information tab will display.

By default, New Hire History Settings will apply to all Job Groups, as indicated by checked boxes to the right of each entry in the Job Group drop-down. Uncheck the box for a Job Group to "turn off" the setting.

Accordingly, when New Hire data are included, the Employee Information table will include additional columns for:

  • Roster
  • New Hires

History Source for an Update Plan

The preceding Annual plan serves as the History Source for an Update plan. Because this link is required for the accuracy of plan results, the History Source is determined under Create Plan. However, this initial setting may be reviewed (and changed) on the History Source screen after plan creation.