Indeed Apply Process

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Release 3.7 - Week of February 15, 2016

Introducing the Indeed Apply Integration

As a new addition to the balanceTRAK job application workflow, Berkshire announces an expanded system integration with Indeed, called Indeed Apply.

When Indeed Apply is activated, a Job Seeker who accesses your organization's job postings through Indeed may click "Apply Now" and complete the Quick Apply Form directly from the posting. This method is particularly useful for the Job Seeker who is applying through the Indeed app on their mobile devices. We expect the convenience for Job Seekers will result in increased candidate traffic for your job postings.

By default, the Indeed Apply integration will be turned on for existing balanceTRAK customers after an initial opt-out period. Those who opt out can proceed with the current Indeed integration. New clients can request standard Indeed OR Indeed Apply during the initial software implementation.

If you have any questions, regarding the integrated workflow, please contact Product Support. You may also contact your Berkshire Account Executive.

How the Job Seeker will interact with Indeed

Updated Indeed Apply Process

When the Job Seeker clicks the Apply Now link in the Indeed job posting, a Quick Apply Form displays. The form will collect contact information (email and telephone number), a RESUME, a COVER LETTER (optional), and answers to a few questions. The Job Seeker can store a profile (and RESUME) within Indeed that supports applying for job openings.

The Job Seeker will be directed immediately to the balanceTRAK Login page, and his or her username will be "known" by the new screen. The Job Seeker can then create an account if a new user, or enter the password as a returning user, to complete the process as currently established in the software.

Note: If a question is duplicated between the Quick Apply Form and the PRESCREENER/APPLICATION, the system will populate the answer for the subsequent occurrence.

Current Indeed Integration

When the Job Seeker clicks Apply Now in the Indeed job posting, he or she is directed out of Indeed and taken to balanceTRAK's Job Description page, containing a link to the balanceTRAK application form. (Some mobile devices may not be optimal for uploading a RESUME over the Internet.)

Indeed Apply Considerations for the balanceTRAK Administrator and User

Below are some workflow considerations and impacts for the system administrator and other users:

  1. The balanceTRAK application processes will remain: The Quick Apply Form will be treated as a separate, initial form that precedes other forms. Accordingly, the Quick Apply Form will have a specific tab, under: Form Templates.
  2. Up to two default questions will appear on the Quick Apply Form, but you may modify the existing Questions or add new ones. (Since the Quick Apply Form will be universal, changes will impact all job Requisitions where the posting will be pushed to Indeed.)
  3. balanceTRAK processes will still trigger system notifications, as they are currently implemented or set up by the user.
  4. The Job Seeker who completes Indeed Apply will display in balanceTRAK's lists, based on the same filter settings that control the display of Job Seekers, coming in from other sources.