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September 27, 2011

balanceAAP Web will be unavailable Friday, September 30, 2011 from 5 to 8 PM Eastern Time to perform an upgrade, which includes several major enhancements. Some of the new features include:

  • Drilldown Analysis and Reports – Organizations can now look at the data included in an Affirmative Action plan in smaller pieces and optionally examine the External Availability by these units. For example, Affirmative Action plans that may have satellite locations reporting in can now identify a Reasonable Recruitment Area (RRA) specific to each physical satellite location and let balanceAAP appropriately weight each area.
  • Rollup Reports – In addition to looking at data in smaller units, organizations that have taken advantage of BALANCEaap’s Multi-Plan capability can now also produce reports at a higher level that show the “big picture” of an organization, examining data across multiple plans. An organization can create multiple levels of rollups to provide this type of analysis at various organizational units. balanceAAP also provides tools to help validate the rollups defined and ensure the reporting structure created is consistent and logical.
  • Building Recruitment Areas by Zip Code – balanceAAP can now build RRAs that reflect the exact representation at a Plan, Job Group, or Drilldown. Automate building RRAs that include MSA, County or State data, or a specified combination of each. The Recruitment Area Composition report has been added to detail the Recruitment Areas that have been created or assigned by balanceAAP.
  • Enhanced Sector Functionality – Sectors are no longer limited to just departments and can now be defined by a wide variety of fields. Sector definitions can also now be imported from an external file, saving time in setting up and running Sector reports.
  • Additional Process Improvements and Enhancements – Several bug fixes, performance improvements, and user interface changes have been made to help enhance the overall user experience of balanceAAP.

July 20, 2010

balanceAAP Web will be unavailable Wednesday, July 21s, 2010 from 10 to 11 PM Eastern Time to perform an upgrade including several enhancements. Some of the new features include:

  • Import from Previous Versions of BALANCEaap – Plans that have been created in balanceAAP can now be imported to use within balanceAAP Web, either as a History Sources or as stand-alone plans.
  • EEO-1 and VETS-100/VETS-100A reporting – balanceAAP Web now provides the ability to generate EEO-1 and VETS-100/VETS-100A reports from the reports section of your affirmative action plan. This also includes the ability to generate a file in the format to be submitted electronically.
  • Create and Manage Custom Aggregate Census Codes – For positions that may represent a composite of the standard occupation codes provided by the census, aggregate census codes can be used to represent the percentage of the standard codes that make up your position. balanceAAP Web now provides the ability to create and manage these aggregate census codes.
  • Create a Department Hierarchy from Supervisor Employee Number – By supplying a supervisor employee number for each employee in your roster, balanceAAP Web can now determine your reporting structure and establish your department hierarchy for use in the Organizational Profile.
  • Best Utilization Rule Report – balanceAAP Web can now indicate which Utilization Rule will produce the fewest number of placement goals in an individual plan, or across all plans when creating multiple plans from a single data set.
  • Import from balanceTRAK – balanceTRAK is now integrated with balanceAAP, and users can now import Applicant Flow Log directly from balanceTRAK into balanceAAP.
  • Additional Process Improvements and Enhancements – New process and performance improvements have been implemented throughout balanceAAP Web, including the Import, External & Internal Availability, Factor Weights and the Narratives.

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