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Take Advantage of Software Header Tools

In addition to links for Account, Help, and other functions, the software header provides access to the following menus:

Access Recently Visited Pages

The system will "remember" your last 10 visited pages prior to Logout, so you can continue working where you left off.

From the software header, click the History icon to access a list of links to these recently visited pages. Job Seeker pages will be identified by Job Seeker Name, while Requisitions will be labeled with Job Title and Requisition Number. Select one of the provided links to return to the appropriate screen.

Access the Job Seeker Notification Center

At the far right in the software header, the Notification Center icon provides quick access to a list of up to 20 incoming:

  • Email messages
  • Text messages
  • System notifications

Quick Tip: Another alternative is to pin and view the Notifications tile on the Home page Dashboard.

New Communications Alert

When new messages are available, the software header alerts you, via a red New Message symbol atop the Notification Center icon. The icon will indicate the number of new messages. The symbol is cleared when the messages are viewed.

View the Full Message

The Notification Center list is organized by columns for: [Message type icon], Job Seeker, Date, Message (clip), and Viewed. Click the [Message type icon] to open the source message.

Upon your return to the Notification Center, a green Check mark will appear in the Viewed column.

Cross-reference: For more on the using the Job Seekers module to correspond with applicants: Communicate with the Job Seeker.