Navigate and Save the Draft Requisition

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  • Navigate Through Requisition Steps
  • Save for Later / Resume Creating a Requisition
  • Discard a Draft Requisition

Use Draft Requisition Functions

Because the Add New Requisition process involves several (guided) steps to develop complete content, the Requisition creator can take advantage "housekeeping" functions, designed to help you work with the draft Requisition.

Navigate through Draft Requisition Steps

Once Requisition Setup is complete (as described above), navigation buttons located at the bottom-right of the screen allow you to go to scroll between [Previous Step] and [Next Step]. On the Setup screen, the [Back] button on the bottom-left will return you to the Requisition list, without saving the draft Requisition.

Quick Tip: While creating a new Requisition, each task area can also be accessed by choosing one from the side navigation menu.

Cross-reference: A full list of task areas is provided in the primary article, at: Initiate the Process to Add a New Requisition.

Save for Later / Resume Creating a Requisition

After completing Setup or a subsequent step, you can click the [Save for Later] button to retain the draft Requisition in its current state. The draft Requisition will be associated with you, as a balanceTRAK user, and will not be visible to other standard users.

Quick Tip: The [Next Step] button also saves the current draft Requisition content. So make sure to click either [Save for Later] or [Next Step] after making additions or edits.

The draft Requisition link will appear above the Requisition list, adjacent to the [Add New Requisition] button. To access the draft and continue development at the prior exit point, click anywhere along that link.

Note: Only one new Requisition at a time, per user, can be saved in draft form. Therefore, the draft Requisition must be completed prior to adding an additional Requisition.

Discard a Draft Requisition

While working in the draft Requisition, navigate to the left-bottom of the screen, adjacent to the [Save for Later] button. Select the [Discard] button. Respond to the confirmation menu by clicking the [OK] button.