BalanceTRAK User Account Settings (and Security)

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  • Review Contact Information
  • Security Notice and Procedures
    • Change Password
    • Develop Security Questions and Answers
    • System Timeout
    • Logout
  • Personalize Account Settings
    • Set the Number of Records to Display per Page
    • Personalize BalanceTRAK Settings
      • Set Preferences for Automatic Notifications
      • Change the Time Zone

View Account Profile and Customize User Settings

The balanceTRAK software header will display your [Account user name]. Click this link to open a menu, with four options for working with:

  • Contact Information
  • Security
  • Settings
  • Logout

For users subscribing to multiple balanceWORKS products, Account actions, except those identified by product, will apply across all applications.

Each of these Account menu items are outlined in this article, below.

Review Contact Information

Enter [Account user name] to display the corresponding drop-down, and select: Contact Information. Changes can be made to your First Name and Last Name. In addition, Phone Number and Extension may be entered or edited. Click [Save] if changes are made.

Note: Because Email address serves as a system identifier for the account, the Email entry may not be edited. However, if your Email address has changed, please contact your balanceTRAK Administrator to set up a new account.

Security Notice and Procedures

The Password and login procedures will conform to system defaults or your organization's security requirements, whichever are stricter. Requirements are based on:

  • Number of characters
  • Use of upper/lower case, symbols, and numerals
  • Password expiration
  • Reuse of Password
  • Number of log-in attempts allowed

Users are notified to the email address of record when the Password is updated. Contact your organization's System Administrator for help with logging into balanceTRAK.

Change Password

Note: New users will be required to reset the Password provided for use during initial login.

Access [Account user name] > Security from the header; then, select the Password tab. The Update Password menu will display. In the provided fields, enter:

  • Old Password
  • AND

  • New Password

Then Confirm New Password by entering it again. Click [Save].

Develop Security Questions and Answers

The balanceWORKS software platform provides three Security Questions to safeguard your account in the event you forget your password. For best security, it is recommended to develop all three Security Questions and Answers.

Access to the menu is available in the software header at: [Account user name] > Security > Security Questions tab. If Security Questions are not set, the menu will display on entry to the software as a reminder.

To set a Question and Answer:

  • For the first question/answer, review the options for questions in the drop-down on the right side of the menu; and select one.
  • OR

  • (Optional) If one of the default questions is not sufficient, toggle the Create Your Own button . Then enter a Question and an Answer in the provided fields.

Quick Tip: Choose a Question/Answer combination that is both unique and easy to remember.

Clear an entry by clicking the Delete icon, located on the right side of the field.

Repeat for the other two questions. At the bottom of the menu, click the [Save] button.

System Timeout

An automatic timeout for user inactivity will be in place, based on your organization's security requirements. The typical idle period that triggers the user to be logged out of the system ranges from 15 to 30 minutes.


As part of maintaining security, remember to access the Logout link when your session is complete, available in the software header drop-down, as follows: [Account user name] > Logout.

Personalize Account Settings

Set the Number of Records to Display per Page

The first tab under Settings is the General tab. Here, the default setting for records per page, which applies to list views in balanceTRAK Administrative modules (e.g., Settings > Questions), may be changed at the individual user level.

First, access the General tab, located under [Account user name] > Settings.

In the Records per Page drop-down (located at the top of the menu), select a different number:

  • 10
  • 20
  • 50
  • 100
  • OR

  • 250

Press [Save] to apply the change.

Quick Reminder: Navigating here takes you out of balanceTRAK. Click the browser's [Back] button, or select the bTRAK icon from the software header, located in the upper left corner.

Personalize BalanceTRAK Settings

Software-specific options are available after clicking your [Account Name] in the software header. For balanceTRAK, choose Settings > TRAK to set these preferences.

Set Preferences for Automatic Notifications
Navigate to the TRAK tab > Notifications sub-tab to individualize the receipt of system notifications.

Note: Your organization's balanceTRAK Administrator will have implemented default settings as a starting point.

From the displayed options (shown in the bullets below), toggle each setting on or off:

  • A requisition is closing. (Sent at 7:00 am Eastern Time.)
  • Someone applies for a job. If this option is checked, choose one of the following radio buttons:
    • On the day the job seeker applies at 10:00 pm at Eastern Time.
    • Immediately after the job seeker applies.
    • Quick Tip: Consider how many job applications your organization receives. For a small organization (or a recruiter who must address every application), notification by Job Seeker event may be appropriate. For a large organization, a daily message at 10:00 pm ET, listing all new Job Seekers, may be preferable.

  • Someone completes a Background Check form.
  • Notify me during each step of the approval process when I am a participating user.

Change the Time Zone
To change the U.S. Time Zone used by the system, choose another from the provided drop-down at the bottom of the page (e.g., Central, Pacific). You may also check or uncheck whether the system relies on daylight savings time.

Quick Tip: Make sure the proper Time Zone is in place, so activities taken or recorded in the system, such as communications and signature fields, are time-stamped appropriately.