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Organize the Job Seeker List

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  • Learn about Key Job Seeker list Features
    • View a Job Seeker's Detail Record
  • Filter the Job Seeker List
    • By Drop-down Options (Stage, Requisition, Disposition Code)
    • By Header Icons
  • Sort the Job Seeker List by Data Point
  • Show Score (if a Scoring Scheme is in place)
  • Run an Advanced Search

View the Job Seeker List and Screen Applicants

On entry to Job Seekers, the first column to the left houses the Job Seeker list. This list column serves as the "jumping off" point to peruse the records of individual applicants. Each Job Seeker will be associated with one or more Requisition Numbers, indicating the job opening(s) to which he or she applied.

Quick Tip: Because each of balanceTRAK's two main modules offer ways to view Job Seekers, consider which module works best for the immediate need:

  • Requisitions — Begin on the Requisition detail > Summary tab to obtain a Job Seeker list that is already narrowed to the particular job opening or even, a subset of Job Seekers who applied.

  • Job Seekers — Although the Job Seeker list offers a Requisition filter, visit this module to look at the wider applicant pool, or to focus on an individual applicant.

Learn about Key Job Seeker list Features

BalanceTRAK tools will help you refine the full registry of Job Seekers and hone in on relevant information, whether the task at hand is to locate Job Seekers who stand out; manage workload; monitor Job Seeker progress; or perform recordkeeping tasks.

Some of the list's key features are designed to help you:

  • Sort or filterFilter Job Seekers — Organize the list column by key criteria, as displayed in the column header (and outlined in this article, below)
  • View Keyword Match Scores — When Keywords are in place to score resumes, the percentage result will be indicated in a green box, by Job Seeker Name / Requisition applied to.
  • Locate flaggedFlagged Job Seekers — The Job Seeker is flagged in the detail; see: Navigate the Job Seeker Detail.
  • Perform Bulk Job Seeker Actions — Actions include deleting records or sending Forms to Job Seekers.

View a Job Seeker's Detail Record

To view a Job Seeker's record, which will be Requisition specific:

  1. In the left-hand column on the Job Seeker list, locate the Job Seeker by Name.
  2. Highlight the desired Requisition, indented below the Job Seeker Name.
  3. AND

  4. View the Job Seeker detail in the right-hand window.

Filter the Job Seeker List

By Drop-down Options (Stage, Requisition, Disposition Code)

Cross-reference: For a definitions of Job Seeker Stage and Disposition Code, plus information on how these descriptors are used to track Job Seekers, see: Assign Job Seeker Stage and Disposition

Begin with the first drop-down filter menu, located above the Job Seeker list on the left. This menu will display the default option to show: All Job Seeker Stages. To limit the display by Stage, click the menu's down arrow and check off one or more options, as displayed in the provided menu. From the start of the consideration process to the end, some typical Stages may include:

  • Application Complete
  • HR Review
  • Hiring Manager Review
  • Offer Extended
  • Hired

The second drop-down menu will display default Requisition options for all Requisitions (by number) that are Open. To limit the display by Requisition attributes, expand the drop-down and check off selections for:

  • [Requisition Number]
  • AND / OR

  • Category of: Open, Closed, or Open & Closed

The final drop-down filter will display the default option to show Job Seekers for: All Disposition Codes. To limit the display to particular codes, expand the menu and checking off one or more options. Some typical choices, depending on software Implementation, include:

  • Not Dispositioned
  • Never Considered: Incomplete Application
  • Not Qualified: [Reason]
  • Rejected: [Reason]
  • Declined Offer
  • Hired

If more than one Disposition Code is selected, the resulting menu header will indicate: Multiple Disposition Codes.

By Header Icons

Click on an icon in the Job Seeker list header to filter Job Seekers by the following labels to Show:

– New

– Flagged

– Internal

– Silver Medalists

– Incomplete [Applications] (Administrators only)

Note for Administrators: To view Incomplete Job Seekers, the following settings must be in place –

  • A Requisition Number must be selected from the Requisition drop-down.
  • The Requisition must be: Accepting New Job Seekers.
  • The Requisition’s Job Seeker Filter Setting is required to be set to: Must Complete a Form or Must Complete Application, respectively.


Sort the Job Seeker List by Data Point

The Job Seeker list displays two Sort drop-down menus in the column header. First, expand the Sort drop-down, and select one of the following:

  • Application Date
  • Name
  • Requisition Number
  • Job Title
  • Keyword Score

Next, navigate to the adjacent drop-down, and selecting:

  • Ascending
  • OR

  • Descending

Show Score (If a Scoring Scheme is in place)

After choosing a Requisition Number from the upper Requisition drop-down, an additional bar will display, with the label: Show Scores For. From the provided drop-down, select the Form that has been scored to display a Score column on the Job Seekers list.