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Develop the Full and Short Job Description

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  • Choose a Method for Developing the Job Description
    • Should the Short Job Description also be Developed?
  • Use an Existing Job Description
  • Create (or Edit) the Job Description by Section


Display the Job's Duties and Requirements to Potential Job Seekers

As the third step in the Add New Requisition process, the Job Description screen is accessible from the side navigation menu, displaying two tabs:

  • Long Description (Required to post a job opening on line)
  • Short Description

The article below describes how to use or modify an existing Job Description, or develop a new one, while creating a new Requisition.

Choose a Method for Developing the Job Description

For clients implementing a Job Description library, balanceTRAK provides capabilities for the Requisition creator to access the relevant default Job Description through menu options. In the system, Job Descriptions are identified, and tied to a Requisition, through Job Title/Code.

At the same time, the system allows an individual Requisition creator to develop a unique Job Description by job opening. Based on these considerations (and the desired result), choose one of the following methods:

  • If a default Job Description^ is in place for the Job Title/Code, go to: Use an Existing Job Description.
  • OR

  • To enter text, or paste the Job Description from an external source, jump to: Create (or Edit) the Job Description by Section.

^Cross-reference: An Administrator may import default Job Descriptions and store them in the system. See: Special Tools by Reference Table / Import Job Descriptions.

Should the Short Job Description also be Developed?

The second consideration is whether your Job Posting page would benefit from displaying the Short Job Description as a "teaser" to Job Seekers, before they click the [Apply Now] button and review the Long Job Description.

Cross-reference: To accommodate this option, the Job Posting page must be designed in Grid view to accommodate the Short Job Description: Settings > Job Posting Page.

Use an Existing Long Job Description

If a Requisition Template was applied during Setup (the prior step)

The Long Job Description will be populated. Simply review the content, and proceed directly to the [Next Step] in the Add New Requisition process.

To select and apply a default Long Job Description

The system detects whether the Job Code is associated with an existing default Job Description.

MORE here

If the Job Description content requires further editing, continue with: Create (or Edit) the Job Description by Section, next.

Create (or Edit) the Job Description by Section

First, navigate to the Short Description or Long Description tab, as necessary.

Then, hover the mouse over a Section (e.g., Description/Job Summary, Required Skills) (under the Section heading), and click in the blank area (or within existing text, if already entered) to enable editing. A word processing toolbar will appear. By again hovering your mouse over icons in the toolbar, a caption describes each word processing tool.

Quick tip: The most popular and easiest method for developing the Job Description by Section is to prepare content in Microsoft Word and take advantage of the toolbar's Paste from Word button.

For each Section, enter the appropriate text in the text editor, and format the text, using the available word processing tools.

Quick tip: Although letters or words can be selected in the editing field after they are typed and formatted (e.g., italic), the quickest method for formatting the entire field is to select the formatting prior to entering text.

When the Job Description is complete, proceed to Approval Process, which is the [Next Step].