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Organize the Requisition List


  • View the Requisitions List by Drop-down Options
    • By Location
    • By Category
    • By Posting Options
  • Column Filter and Sort Options for the Requisitions List
    • Filter the Requisitions List
    • Sort Requisition Records
  • Requisition Tools
    • Display the Requisition Detail
    • Delete a Requisition
    • Understanding Requisition Alert Flags

View, Filter, and Sort the Requisitions List

Accessible from the side navigation menu, the Requisitions module functions as the "one-stop" resource for tracking job postings, screening applicants, and selecting new hires. While the Requisitions list identifies each Requisition by key identifiers, the Requisition Detail for a selected Requisition (as indicated by highlight) will house all of the key information and tasks for each job posting.

View the Requisitions List by Drop-down Options

TheOnce one or more Requisitions have been created, the Requisitions tab houses a list ofwill yourdisplay organization'sthose job postings, organized by identifying information.items. Key options for honing in on Requisitions of particular interest are housed in the upper drop-down menu.

To display a full list of Requisitions, choose: All. The Requisitions list shows existing Requisitions by:

  • Requisition Number
  • [Business Unit] Code
  • Job Title/Job Code
  • # of Job Seekers

Quick Tip: Click the entry in the # of Job Seekers column to view the Job Seekers associated with a Requisition.

By Location

By Category

By Posting Options

The Requisitions list will display Requisitions, based on the selection made in the upper drop-down menu. Some typical selections may include:

  • Accepting Applications
  • Pending
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Internal Postings
  • Interview Scheduled
  • Hiring Manager Review
  • Closed (Filled or Not Filled)

Set the Default Requisitions View Option

Access the [Account] button from the software header. Choose the balanceWORKS tab, and navigate to the Manage Requisitions menu. In the Show requisitions… drop-down, select one of the provided options. Click the [Save] button at the bottom of the page.

Add Optional Fields for the Requisitions List

To add optional fields to the Requisitions list table, click [Change Fields] on the toolbar. Using available checkboxes in the pre-populated drop-down, select one or more fields (such as Status or Salary Range). Choose [Save] to return to the reconfigured list. To view the additional fields, you may have to scroll the page to the right-hand side.

Note: Any optional fields set for the list will be cleared when the [Clear Search] button is selected.

Set the Number of Records per Page

By default, 20 Requisitions are displayed per page. Change this default by accessing [Account] from the software header. Select the balanceWORKS tab, and change the numerical entry for: Records Per Page.

Simple Filter and Sort Options for the Requisitions List

Quick Reminder: To save and quickly reapply a View, open the Customize View tab.

Filter the Requisitions List

Filter the Requisitions list by clicking the [Search] icon in the column header. If a [Search] icon is not visible for the column header, a filter by that type of information is not available.

In the pop-up window, select or enter the filter value(s). Click [Save] to apply the filter. Once a filter is set for a column, the [Search] icon is outlined in red. A yellow banner appears, with buttons to:

  • [View Search] — Opens the Customize View tab (described above).
  • [Clear Search] — Restores the default view.

Sort Requisition Records

Click on the [Sort] icon, located at the top left of the table header. From the Sort toolbar, select one of the following column buttons:

  • Requisition Number
  • Business Unit Code
  • Job Title/Job Code
  • # of Job Seekers

A sort in ascending order is indicated by a [Down Arrow], adjacent to the column label. Click the button again, and an [Up Arrow] indicates a sort in descending order. Click the button a third time to clear the sort; if no sort is applied, both up and down arrows will display.

Add additional levels to the sort by clicking on additional [Sort] buttons.

Requisition Tools

Review a Requisition

The [Review] icon provides access to the Requisition detail for a Requisition. While in the record, you can:

  • Develop job posting content
  • Apply Requisition Status
  • Update Requisition information
  • Post to Career page and external Sources
  • Review Job Seekers who have applied


Delete a Requisition

Select a Requisition, by clicking the check box to the left of the Requisition Number. Then choose [Delete Selected] from the upper toolbar.