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Organize the Requisition List

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  • View the Requisitions List by Drop-down Options
    • By Location
    • By Job Seeker
    • By Category
  • Column Filter and Sort Options for the Requisitions List
    • Filter the Requisitions List
    • Sort Requisition Records
  • Requisition Tools
    • Delete a Requisition
    • Understanding Requisition Alert Flags

View, Filter, and Sort the Requisitions List

View the Requisitions List by Drop-down Options

Once one or more Requisitions have been created, the Requisitions list will display those items by:

  • Requisition (Number)
  • Job Title
  • Create Date
  • Number of Job Seekers
  • Category

Quick Tip: Click the entry in the # of Job Seekers column to view the Job Seekers associated with a Requisition.

Key options for honing in on Requisitions of particular interest are housed in the upper drop-down menus, from left to right:

  • Requisition Category
  • Job Seeker Stage
  • Location (For users with permissions to view multiple locations.)

Open the appropriate drop-down, and select an option to narrow the display of Requisitions.

The default view is to show All Requisitions (limited to the locations for which the user has access).

Column Filter and Sort Options for the Requisitions List

Filter the Requisitions List

Filter the Requisition list by clicking the [Search] icon in the column header. If a [Search] icon is not visible for the column header, a filter by that type of information is not available.

In the pop-up window, select or enter the filter value(s). Click [Save] to apply the filter. Once a filter is set for a column, the [Search] icon is outlined in red. A yellow banner appears, with buttons to:

  • [View Search] — Opens the Customize View tab (described above).
  • [Clear Search] — Restores the default view.

Sort Requisition Records

Click on the [Sort] icon, located at the top left of the table header. From the Sort toolbar, select one of the following column buttons:

  • Requisition Number
  • Business Unit Code
  • Job Title/Job Code
  • # of Job Seekers

A sort in ascending order is indicated by a [Down Arrow], adjacent to the column label. Click the button again, and an [Up Arrow] indicates a sort in descending order. Click the button a third time to clear the sort; if no sort is applied, both up and down arrows will display.

Add additional levels to the sort by clicking on additional [Sort] buttons.

Requisition Tools


Delete a Requisition

Select a Requisition, by clicking the check box to the left of the Requisition Number. Then choose [Delete Selected] from the upper toolbar.